Why is Trump Still President? #WhyIsTrumpStillPresident?


I don’t know – it’s hard for me to see any U.S. ties to Russia…
except for the Flynn thing

and the Manafort thing

and the Tillerson thing

and the Sessions thing

and the Kushner thing

and the Carter Page thing

and the Roger Stone thing

and the Felix Sater thing

gand the Boris Ephsteyn thing

and the Rosneft thing
and the Gazprom thing

and the Sergey Gorkov banker thing

and the Azerbajain thing

and the “I love Putin” thing

and the Eric Cartman, Jr. thing

and the Sergey Kislyak thing

and the Russian Affiliated Interests thing

and the Russian Business Interests thing

and the Emoluments Clause thing

and the Alex Schnaider thing

and the hack of the DNC thing

and the Guccifer 2.0 thing

and the Erik “Blackwater” Prince thing

and the Mike Pence “I don’t know anything” thing

and the Russians mysteriously dying thing

and Cartman’s public request to Russia to hack Hillary’s email thing

and the Cartman house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing

and the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during Cartman rally campaign thing

and the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing

and the Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing

and the Cyprus bank thing
and Cartman not releasing his tax returns thing

and the Republican Party’s rejection of an amendment to require Cartman to show his taxes thing

and the election hacking thing

and the GOP platform change to the Ukraine thing

and the Steele Dossier thing
and the Leninist Bannon thing

and the Sally Yates can’t testify thing

and the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing

and Cartman’s reassurance that the Russian connection is all “fake news” thing

and Spicer’s Russian Dressing “nothing’s wrong” thing

so there’s probably nothing there
since the swamp has been drained, these people would never lie
probably why Nunes cancels the investigation meetings

all of this must be normal

just a bunch of separate dots with no connection.

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March Madness, Journalism, and Its Role in Fall of Democracy: Are Citizens the Spectators?

This post is about NBC, but rest assured it applies to all of the major media outlets.

NBC put out an ad, hosted by Chuck Todd, for the March Madness season. It features him dribbling a basket ball. He uses the analogy of basketball to describe the relationship news programs have with politicians, leaders and citizens. He analogizes the players as the politicians. He analogizes the referees as the news corps.

So where does that leave citizens?

Right. Spectators. This is exactly how the news programs AND the politicians view citizens. THEY have control and we are the “spectators”. Watching the “show”. The “game”. That is how they see us.

A study from 2014 out of Princeton University[1] demonstrated conclusively that nothing citizens wanted was included in legislation and EVERYTHING that the oligarchs wanted was included. Their assessment: The United States is an oligarchy. I have no disagreement with their assessment. And our news programming is owned and directed by the oligarchy.

People are fretting over the gap between what rural Americans want and what folks in the cities want. I can tell you that rural Americans feel they are ignored. When they turn on a particular a.m. news program, at the end of the news, where weather is done, often the only weather reported is for NYC. Even news stories are LOCAL to NYC. I can cite hundreds of examples where people in the midwest or non-coastal areas of the country have faced devastating weather problems, to be ignored by coastal “elites”. But give a few flakes of snow in NYC and you would think the world has come to an end.

This sounds like a small thing, but when I stand on the porch, sunny day and lovely weather at hand, and the news is running a 24/7 weather emergency for the east coast, having just ignored the results of the same storm as it passed my house last week, you get the point. It is emblematic of how the folks in NYC treat the rest of the country. If it isn’t happening to them, it just didn’t happen. And they have little regard for the rest of our great country in many ways, but this is illustrative of what we see.

Regarding politics, take my state of Colorado.  We have a most lovely combination of Cowboys and Hippies, with a grand share of techies and millennials, thrown in. We have a moderate governor and government, who are miserly with our tax money as they should be. Additionally, the people of Colorado, when given a good plan and a good idea for a project, are more than willing to vote for improvements in our state. But we own the power of this expenditure and as a group, we use it wisely.

For that reason, our state is flourishing.

Now, compare rust belt states. Fighting on with an entrenched leadership who are skimming off the top for themselves and their friends, using divisive politics to drive people into confusion, and it is no wonder states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and others, are struggling financially with high taxes and poor services. These beautiful, historic places are entrenched with crooked politicians and poor planning designed to further enrich their Robber Barons.

The south is another example, of the political leadership having used racism to divide and conquer for 100’s of years now. And the citizens just keep falling for it, as their states disintegrate into poverty and neglect. Sad to watch this, the children’s education and needs neglected. This should be called child neglect. For it is. Where is the media reporting on this? Daily? No? Oil interests and corruption keep them silent.

We would like to see a fair news media. As long as this media is conglomerated into 6 main companies, owned by international Robber Barons, we will never begin to pull out of this divide.

I stand for ONE NATION. The only way we can truly become that is for all of the states to get light shined upon them. For people in NYC to understand that their families, still in these rural areas, are part of that one nation.

We must do the following:

  1. Break up media conglomerates now
  2. Remove the right to run ads on news shows. PERIOD. No exception.
  3. Clearly delineate between news shows and entertainment.
  4. Find a way to invalidate programs and networks who continuously lie and spread false propaganda, like Fox News. Countries in Europe figured out how to do this, we can, too.

Our civilization depends upon the electorate getting fair and REAL reporting. It is more than clear to the team at Revote2017 and to the entire nation, that we are being treated as “SPECTATORS” to our own democracy. It is time for this to stop. Well past time. We must reinvigorate news, investigative journalists and raise the truth to its rightful place in our historic democracy.

Now, is a good time to do it.


  1. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746
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We need a thousand short videos on “Why Revote”. Put it out and let us know your video count over the weekend. For those of you who know how to make videos, post with the hashtag #Revote on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. I think many have a 2 min limit. Let’s get this trending and educate the public.

I have included some ideas for video title and facts to include. Try to keep the video to 2 minutes, max. Make as many as you like and again, tag with #Revote. Post all weekend, over and over.

Here are some ideas:

Why Not Impeach?
1. Republicans have to do it and won’t. They won’t even demand Trump’s tax forms.
2. Even if they do it, if they don’t get 67 votes, he will still be in office
3. Hitler took German in 4 months, he’s working faster. Impeachment would take a year.
4. Even if successful, it would leave behind scores of Russian-run operatives. NOT OK!
5. Impeachment is NOT the answer and there is NOTHING in our Constitution to prevent us from demanding a revote on a hacked election.
6. Tainted elections have been addressed by the court in the past. This is the most important one.
7. Impeachment takes too long, our country is going down now. People have a hard time believing what they see. Believe FASTER.
8. Use that energy of protest to come out by the MILLIONS to demand a revote.
9. Demand organizations such as Moveon.org and ACLU to support this. They are making BILLIONS in donations. Time to PUT UP.
10. Demand our Democrats begin speaking for a revote, NOT impeachment. Time is of the essence.

Why is waiting for 2018 not the answer?

1. Our voting machines were hacked and likely still contain the virulent Russian virus. NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THAT.
2. Trump rapidly dismantled Federal voting oversight committee. The only ones to oversee free and fair vote. It’s gone.
3. Without a free and fair vote, we have what Russia has, a “Putin” winning by 75% each time in hacked vote. Our vote is over if we don’t fight.
4. The vote is the foundation of democracy. They have destroyed our foundation. Everything else will fall without it.
5. Trump is clearly following the “Rule Book for Authoritarian Dictators” and will result in loss of rights, rapidly
6. Trump is following Hitler’s rule book.
7. Hitler abolished German constitution in 4 months, Trump is moving faster
8. It appears very clear Trump and Bannon want to create war to diffuse leadership change
9. While splinter groups are fighting each of his horrific acts, he is moving greater plan forward
10. Democrats are unable to help us due to constraints of their job
11. Citizens are the ONLY people who can save this country.
12. The Wall is not being built to keep people out, it’s being built to keep people in “See North Korea”
13. Many citizens are finding it hard to believe what is happening. We have to get to this faster. We do not have time.
14. Our legal system is the only functioning branch right now and Trump has said he wants to abolish them. (See comments on 9th circuit)


1. Revote is Legally permitted, morally mandated
2. There is NOTHING in the constitution to prevent this.
3. There IS something in the Constitution saying Feds must protect from foreign invasion.
4. Impeachment is not the answer (see other video)
5. 2018 is NOT the answer (see other video)
6. We are in immediate danger, as is the entire rest of the world
7. We have already lost our international friends. We are being purposefully isolated.
8. Imminent war is in our future (Trump has SAID this, use quotes), we MUST prevent this.
9. Trump’s version of war includes using nuclear weapons.
10. This is the most urgent, important, and dangerous thing which has ever happened to the world.
11. Our environment cannot wait 4 years and time to repair damage.
12. It is obvious, the direction Republicans are taking is opposed by MASS percentage of Americans and world citizens.
13 It’s our job as citizens to DEMAND a revote
14. Stand together.

Russians hacked our Elections

1.  It is more than clear that our election was hacked by Russians.
2.  They not only infected us with lying propaganda, which is powerful, but changed ACTUAL VOTES.
3.  The Russian virus which they used is presumably still on our voting machines. No one is addressing that.
4.  Trump has demolished the voting oversight committee. No further free and fair votes will occur.
5.  They stole 100’s of 1000’s of voter databases. These voters had to use provisional ballots, thrown out at higher rate. THIS CHANGED VOTES.
6.  There is evidence in TWENTY STATES of voting manipulation.
7.  There is ample evidence that down ballot races were also affected by Russian manipulation, so a full revote is required.
8.  Is Trump REALLY our president?
9.  Are Republicans REALLY our congress?
10. Without a free and fair vote, our democracy is lost. Time to wake up and realize this.
11. Citizens need to rise up and DEMAND a revote now.
12. There is nothing in our Constitution to prevent us from doing this.
13. There will be no “impeachment” and no free and fair vote in 2018. This is the only answer.
14. Allowing this tainted vote to stand ends our democracy.



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Why Russia cared about Election 2016

Why Russia cared about Election 2016
By Kirsten Borror

Russia helped Trump rebuild himself in the mid-2000s after his bankruptcies kept US lenders away from him. Russian oligarchs with tons of ill-gotten money stepped in to help Trump. They gave to him and since then Putin has worked towards his payback. Russia stole Crimea from Ukraine on March 16, 2014 in a Putin-orchestrated fake referendum. Why would Putin break international law to take it? I’ll give you six good reasons.
1.      The Crimea has estimated gas reserves of 45 trillion cubic meters.

2.      Crimea’s port city of Sevastopol is the link between Russia and the Mediterranean; own it and Putin has a monopoly on fuel exports

3.      Sevastopol is a deepwater port perfect for undersea drilling and exploration.

4.      There are lots of other natural resources there and existing infrastructure to process them including export terminals, refineries, storage silos and energy plants.

5.      Putin has all rights to any hydrocarbons in that zone.

6.      ExxonMobil has been active in the Crimea and had a deal to develop Russia’s oil fields including the area of Crimea. The deal would give ExxonMobil access to land five times the size of the land it leases in the US. This was blocked by NATO sanctions when it was determined Ukraine’s March 16, 2014 referendum was staged by a foreign power; Russia.

In response to Russia’s continued occupation of Crimea despite the 2014 NATO sanctions, the Stand for Ukraine Act was introduced in congress in early 2016 to strengthen the sanctions. ExxonMobil hired lobbyists to block it and the Act failed to pass in December 2016 on the eve of Trump’s inauguration.
Let’s put aside ExxonMobil’s motives for the moment to remain focused on Putin. He has been willing to sit in the dunce corner with the 2014 sanctions while he engaged in a cyber war on the West as documented in Andrew Kramer’s 12/29/2016 NYTimes article. Three years since March 16, 2014 Putin walks like a pageant queen with a first place bouquet. The United States of America is in the palm of his hand. Trump can end sanctions; the former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson who left that position in February 2017 to become US Secretary of State can maneuver the laws in ExxonMobil’s favor.
Russia is still hungry. They continue to threaten Sweden with provocative military fly-overs, cyber attacks on public infrastructure and disinformation meant to confuse the public [Sorensen, NYTimes, 3/2/207]. They are funding extreme-right candidates in European elections and using bots, paid trolls and cyber attacks to invade democratic elections, just like they did here in 2016.
Did anyone forget the report from 17 US government agencies with evidence of Russia’s cyber attack on our 2016 elections? I agree with calls for an investigation; however the legislative branch is as tainted by the Russian attack as the executive branch. We must turn to the judicial branch. We have petitioned the SCOTUS to appoint a special master, an independent investigator who will have access to all classified documents. This investigator can examine and subpoena all necessary witnesses and documents in order to conduct a proper investigation untainted by political bias. The special master can make a recommendation to the Supreme Court and demand the federal government to fulfill its constitutional duty to protect the states from foreign invasion, an especially important duty for free and fair elections.
The number of connections between the Trump entourage and Russians with cold cash is deep and complex and must be examined. Legislation forcing Trump to release his tax returns to dispel some of American voter’s suspicions has been blocked by the Republican majority congress. This lack of transparency disappoints American voters. If Putin’s deeds took away our votes wouldn’t the government have done something by now? Alarmingly, the legislative and executive branches have not done anything.
Trump and the darkest human tendencies got what they wanted: access to the executive branch powers and the chance to make a titanic amount of money at the expense of our democracy. The cornerstone of our United States power structure is the power of the vote. Dilute that and our democracy is over. We need to do what is necessary to return the purity of the vote to our election system. An independent investigation, a new election is morally mandated and legally possible.

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Sample Letters to Editor

Letter #1

Almost daily the news reveals some shady dealing that Donald Trump or his associates have had with the Russian government.  When 17 US intelligence reports conclude that Russia interfered with our election, that’s plenty of evidence to call for a special investigation.  But with the Legislative and Executive branches now capitalizing on their victory, they aren’t going to bring attention to their ill-gotten gains.

Our remaining hope is the Judicial Branch.  Luckily for us, three Massachusetts women have filed a petition asking that the results of the 2016 election be nullified based on the failure of the government to protect us from foreign invasion (Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution: Guarantee Clause).  The case is set to be heard in conference at the Supreme Court on March 17.

Wake up, America! Our very democracy is at stake.  We the People need to know that our vote, our most precious right and responsibility, is counted fairly.  Without that we are no longer captains of our own destiny.  My plea is to the Supreme Court to stop the madness now.  Appoint a Special Master to get to the bottom of this so we can hold a new, clean election and reclaim American democracy.

Letter #2

I am following the progress of a petition to be considered by the US Supreme Court on March 17.  The petitioners request that the Court adhere to Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution, which says that it is the job of the federal government to keep the states safe from foreign invasion.  Make no mistake – we have been invaded.

They are asking the Court to appoint a Special Master to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections. The legislative and executive branches are too embroiled in politics to effectively examine this matter.  What of the 17 federal agencies that concluded Russia interfered in our elections?  What about Paul Ryan’s statement: “We know Russia meddled in the election – no one is disputing that.”*

Why are we hearing a murmur rather than an outcry about the truth regarding the ties between Trump’s campaign, finances, business and political dealings with Russia?  Distractions from Washington that bombard us daily hinder our ability to recognize this assault on our democracy.

We encourage the Supreme Court to support an investigation that acknowledges the Constitution’s intent to keep our country safe from foreign interference.

*(January 5, 2017: LA Times; NBC; The Guardian; MSN; US News, among others)

Letter #3
Have you heard about the case brought by three Massachusetts women to nullify the results of the 2016 election?  The case that will be considered at the Supreme Court on March 17?  They are arguing that the government failed to protect us from foreign invasion as the Constitution’s Guarantee Clause (Article 4, Section 4) requires. And they are asking for the appointment of a Special Master to to gather all evidence of Russia’s success in influencing the results of the 2016 election. If enough evidence exists, the Court can nullify the election

We cannot let a foreign power hijack our election by cyber invasion!  We must reclaim our democracy. Between now and March 17 our goal is to create enough buzz that the justices will (indirectly) know that We the People recognize that a new election is both legally possible and morally mandated.

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Info on Case to Nullify Election from Attorney

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Response to PalmerReport article

I would like to take a moment to respond to your article and address each of the points you made:

1. The writ was distributed for conference, this is a true point.

2. When Ukraine has their election invaded by these SAME offenders, they did not have anything in their constitution regarding this issue, either. But both of our countries are based on the premise that the vote of the people is critical to the country’s democracy. We actually have MORE legal grounds than they did, and they were successful. Our Supreme Court most definitely has the ability to protect the right of citizens to vote and have their vote counted and to protect us from foreign invasion, which is the heart of our argument.

3. I do not disagree at all with your assessment of our pro se legal writing. In fact, I would say it is the extremely poor quality of the phrasing of the writ itself, as you noted, which has garnered the highest level of criticism. But remember, we are laypeople expressing ourselves. Since that time, we have obtained an attorney who has added a motion which I hope clarifies our desires.

4. Regarding that case where the correct candidate was put in office, justice was done and I would hope justice would be done here, too. A lot of people can surmise what the court would have done, but no case was filed. Opinions, everyone has one. Especially people who do nothing and have a lot of time to criticize “the man in the ring”.

5. Regarding the “legal gibberish”, I have NO disagreement with you on the initial document which was presented by pro se litigants. Again, the vast majority of criticism we have received is related to the poor quality of writing. However, the legal reason for the case and the subsequent motion requesting the Supreme Court to do the necessary investigation into the Russian interference are both sound.

6. Regarding the strength of our case: Many people have underestimated us throughout this procedure and we have overcome each issue. Many of them do not understand what we are doing and do not know what the responses and interactions have been. Some of our loudest critics have not even read the documents, nor spoken with our lawyer. We have much reason to believe that the defendants, the defendant’s families, the court, court staff, and citizens take this very seriously. I would hope after learning more, you will, too.

Let’s begin with the 4 reasons the Supreme Court might hear a case:
-If there is a conflict of law
-If it serves a particular justice’s interests
-If lower courts have ignored prior Supreme Court decisions

Regarding the contention that all cases get docketed, that is not true. Cases can and are thrown out for a variety of reasons. This case was not. They receive thousands of cases a year and have to hone them down to approximately 80 cases. The FACT IS they have already heard us twice, giving us strong feedback that they likely consider this case to be of GREAT IMPORTANCE TO THE COUNTRY. Given that information, it would be unrealistic to assume that the court does NOT consider this case important or of interest. Additionally, as you have noted, Justice Ginsburg did deny our emergency motion to halt the inauguration and could have easily thrown out the writ at that time. BUT SHE DID NOT. She placed it on the docket. Additionally, I know of no rule that says all docketed cases move to conference. The court can do what ever they want with a case.

It was noted in the press that Melania Trump visited a court in Maryland, with no necessity, regarding a case she filed against a news outlet. The press widely reported this as they found it did appear she was making a statement by her very presence. Likewise, on the day of the decision to pass this case to conference, Ivanka Trump made an extended visit to the court, hearing apparently mundane cases with her daughter and visiting with court staff. This was reported in the news. It’s just an observation.

No one thought Brown vs Board had a chance either. Nor many of the great, landmark cases. We do not consider the naysayers important to the success or failure of the case, for the case will stand or fail on its own.

It is important, though, to understand that the education of the citizens on the fact that a revote is:
to help them know the power of their vote, the power of their voice and the fact that if we do not regain control of our democracy and tainted voting system immediately, we have lost it all.

I know, that is a scary and hard thing to really understand. But it is true. The fact is, as a Ukrainian said to me this week, his having helped direct the cause which saved his country, “This is the only way out.” It really is. 

Learn more about it. Ask questions. We will have more information forthcoming.

The Congress and the President are BOTH implicated in this crime. We do not have car thieves investigate their own crimes. Likewise, it is unreasonable to think the congress can or will adequately investigate crimes to which they are complicit, either before or after the fact. That leaves the Supreme Court as the only valid investigative body left to us in this dire situation.

I hope you will have the decency to post this response and to address these points.
Thank you.

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Why #Resist is all there is: READ THIS NOW, do not forget.

This was just posted by a friend of mine on a private post. She gave permission to cut and paste it, leaving her name off. Here it is. If you want to cut and paste it please take my name off too. I’m probably being paranoid but I don’t want anyone to accidentally figure out who she is.

So many Americans have lived for so long in a warm, naive and protective bubble that results in difficulty understanding why refugees and immigrants come to this country, what it is really like to live under totalitarianism, and how it actually can happen fairly easily, even to them.

I’m not saying that what’s happening in Syria, or what has happened all over the Middle East, in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, or in the Ukraine, or what happened in Germany last century is happening to the same extent or in the same way here in the US.

What I want to say is that it is not too far fetched to consider that the worst aspects of true totalitarianism could happen to this country and that we are moving further in that direction with the many recent actions of the republican administration. I also want to share my personal experience with the cruelty of human beings and to point out that it was the United States who helped bring that particular nightmare to power. That it may now be increasingly coming to rest here at home…is a wake up call!

Don’t ignore it! Resist!

When I was 18 I lived for almost two years in Mexico and Central America. Most of that time was spent in Guatemala.

I don’t talk about this period in my life very often, although I have periodically and privately written about it for many years. Believe me…the impacts upon me of what I have seen and lived…have never left me…”post-traumatic stress” is a mild and sanitized name for these memories and their influences upon me and my life. Even my closest friends and family have mostly only heard bits and pieces…for one thing, because I can’t find a way to articulate atrocity to those who have been as sheltered as most US Americans have been, for another, because it all just hurts too much to really dig back into, and finally because it’s almost impossible to really explain experiences like these to someone who hasn’t been there.

This, I think is what may make my experiences relevant now though, and for this reason I am choosing to speak up about this a bit.

During my time in Central America I had an opportunity that many US Americans have never had…to see first hand totalitarianism and autocracy in action.

Guatemala in the mid-70’s was a dictatorship. If you were for land reform, or wrote a story the government did not like, or were just accused by a jealous neighbor of criticizing the government you could be taken away and imprisoned or tortured, and if you were lucky, you were eventually released, but often you were “disappeared” becoming yet another of the desaparecidos (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forced_disappearance)–victims of the mano blanca (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mano_Blanca) …the White Hand. This resonates for me with the servants of Saruman…my rants about myth and fantasy and geeks against tyranny are rooted in such comparisons. I’m not joking or merely geeking when I compare current tyrants to ones found in folktales or Tolkien stories. These modern day orcs and Uruk Hai, and other servants of Sauron, or Voldemort, or Saruman, are familiar to me. So are their leaders.

I will not write here now about my experiences being confused in Guatemala in early September 1975 for Patty Hearst just days before she was apprehended in the US…another tale entirely that I don’t want to discuss in this venue…and focus instead upon early April 1976 shortly after a huge earthquake devastated the country leaving 100,000 people dead immediately and over one million homeless.

A lot of the emergency relief food and clothing was seized by governmental agents and warehoused to be sold rather than distributed to those who needed it. There were exceptions. I was volunteering for the Girl Scouts sorting mountains of shoes and clothing and putting together packages of food and blankets to hand out.

Later, I was going door to door delivering these emergency packages of food and clothing in a neighborhood of Guatemala City when I unwittingly knocked on the door of a house that was ostensibly being raided for the sale of marijuana. I was a little over 18 years old at the time and had my young child with me. I was pulled inside by the police and thrown into a corner to be searched. I was then dragged by the hair into a small room alone where one of the police officers “frisked me” by “fondling” my breasts, grinning, repeatedly trying to get me to kiss him, and then thrusting his hand inside my jeans and underwear and grabbing me there. I was then held at that house with everyone else there for about 18 hours.

Most of that time I was trying to keep my squirming baby from getting loose to play because I was told that he would be taken away if he kept bothering the police. At one point when the police got bored they put a gun to my head and made me dance sinuously for their entertainment.

They quickly found new fun however when a young student about 19 or 20 came to the door with a clipboard. He was taking a survey about earthquake damage and impacts upon the neighborhood and like me, he got caught up in the raid. He tried to explain this but they laughed at him. He was somewhat “effeminate” and very bright and was trying to explain and prove that he was really just a surveyor and not there for illegal purposes but they did not want to hear any “excuses”.

The lead officer was a true and classic bully. He moved to kick the young man but slipped on something on the floor and fell down. His fellow officers found that funny. He didn’t. So he proceeded to beat the young man in and out of a closet, back and forth through the room, and then out the front door and into the yard. While this was going on, the rest of us were taken at gun point to the open back of a pickup truck to be taken to the police station.

It was a commandeered truck with old wet broken bricks in the bottom. It wasn’t comfortable. We were loaded into the back of the truck while the police officer continued to beat the young man senseless. He put up no resistance. The officer then took out his gun and shot the unconscious student in the head. The blood from his head leaked out and ran down the sidewalk to the gutter and mixed with rain water there to pour past the wheels of the truck we were in. I will not forget that river of blood. Ever.

The police then all went into the house for about 15 minutes or so while we were left in the truck with one young, fairly nervous officer. A quiet discussion among the prisoners ensued as to whether we could hit him in the head with a brick and all of us run away before the rest of the police returned. None of us at that point was restrained by anything but fear.

None of us ran. We were taken to the police station where I was questioned and then released the following morning. When I was released the murderous officer tried to be friendly with me. He wanted to know if I would go out with him. He laughed and offered me a joint he had behind his ear. When I demurred he said…well you are a good girl aren’t you…and you know to keep quiet…now I want you to go out that door and not look back. And I want you to run.

You might imagine I was terrified. I thought they were going to shoot me in the back for trying to escape. I had my baby in my arms and was zig zag running down the street trying to hold him out from me a bit in case maybe if the bullets went through me they might not hit the baby.

I then ran into a little store, jumped the counter and ran out the back and then went to a small “pension” and checked in to hide. Eventually, I was able to return to the United States because of that amazing treasure I possess: a US passport. So I don’t take it for granted. I left behind people who did not have that luxury and wouldn’t take it for granted. I understand why immigrants are such a gift to our country. They have perspective and appreciate what our constitution and country has to offer. I don’t see why our country should turn its back upon people in desperate situations. I see the borders as a political fiction. The land is the same on either side.

I love our Lady Liberty and our constitution and damned if I want to see our nation decline to undermine and punish the press, return to destroying the environment and talk about forcing sovereign nations into building border walls to protect a racist policy and deny entry to people who are descended for the most part from peoples who were here before the European invasion and migrated back and forth following the crops for centuries before European arrivals.

My story above was just one in a number of days where I saw things nobody should see. It wasn’t the only murder I witnessed and it wasn’t the only egregious abuse of power I experienced. I have seen hunger, oppression, and terrible abuse. I have seen cruel people revel in causing pain and wallow in unfair access to wealth. I have seen, first hand, atrocity. I understand deeply why people want to come to the United States to possibly realize a better life.

And I recognize the symptoms of despotism. It makes me afraid. It also makes me angry.

When a refugee becomes frightened and desperate and/or hungry enough to run and try to come to a haven of freedom like the United States was…and still could be…to turn them away for religious or racial or cultural reasons is to embrace the same ideals as the White Hand. I see what these modern day orcs and Uruk Hai are doing…felling forests, poisoning rivers, treating people of good will like criminals, and I will not be silent. RESIST!

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mar-17-scotus-notificationThank you all who have supported us through spreading the word, words of encouragement to us and financial contributions. This is AMAZING!!

We, the People, DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK NOW!!!!!!!!



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