A Message From Beyond

My wonderful nephew, Thomas, is Gordy’s only grandson.

Gordy lived a powerful life and accomplished much. He was quite frugal, though, and adored his car. Although that car was old, it was in mint condition and he loved it with all his heart. But he loved his grandson, too, and gave the car to Thomas to use.

Since Gordy lost his beautiful, loving wife of 50 yrs, he spent a lot of time socializing and dancing. He kept his body going as long as a person can keep a body going. Ultimately, at the age of 89, time won out. A few days ago, at 7:30 pm, Gordy passed into the next realm.

Thomas didn’t know. But at the exact same time as Gordy’s death, he was driving Gordy’s car home. All at once, every single light, blinker, knob started going on and off. The gas pedal quit working. The radio was blaring on and off, loudly. Like an ice cream push cart, every bell and whistle was going off all at once. Unrelated parts of the car were all in full on/off mode like the lights of a circus.  Needless to say, a shocked Thomas nursed the car into his driveway. The car gave one last bluster and shudder, and quit; for good.

I guess that was Gordy’s way of saying good-bye to his beloved grandson. You will be missed. Oh, and who says you can’t take it with you??

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