Enduring Public Sexual Abuse

Many of you have written me and I HEAR YOU. I just wanted to comment:

For the millions of women and men who have been the victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, I know this time in politics can be super tough.

For those who have lived through the disgust and fear that this behavior can bestow on a life, know that I hear you. I know how hard listening to Donald Trump’s behavior, speaking as a potential president of the country, can be for you. I know that painfully listening to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, sling around harsh words may trigger memories for you. Or even Donald’s own words.

Incidents within families, incidents of bullying at schools and incidents of what I call “drive by verbal violence” have increased all over the country. 

Know, that there is a still place within you, which is strong and good. Stay calm. Take a deep breath when you need to. Excuse yourself when you need to, without apology. 

And know, that there is a sisterhood and brotherhood of good people who stand for your strength, your life and your goodness. #WeAreWithYou #BetterTogether. warrior

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