This Election Can Not Stand

tomb-of-unknownOur country is built upon the guidance by the will of the people; Democracy.

A hacked election bites at the very core of who we are.

If we let this election stand, nothing else we do has moral power.

We cannot allow this election to stand, or our government is illegitimate.

The United States, and the world, cannot stand an illegitimate government.

We, the people, have to repair this injustice immediately.

Now, some of you who are honestly afraid of what Donald Trump is clearly going to do,

need to understand that once he takes office, there will be no impeachment.

He has a Republican congress who are already being significantly bullied.



If you think our Republic can depend upon them to do the right thing, you have not been

paying attention.

The wolf is not just at the door, the wolf is inside. He broke in, using an

unfriendly foreign government’s

spying and propaganda.

He utilized moles within our own government who must be ferreted out and tried for


With a Trump presidency, this will never happen.

Most Americans are simply not willing or able to understand the horror of what is about to come.

Neither were the Germans. The willful neglect regarding the horrors in Germany is one of the great

questions of history. We need ask no longer how this happened. We are seeing it in real time.

We need a new election. Immediately. While we still can.

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