VoicesofMillions: It Comes Down to Trust

Simple Questions for the Supreme Court, Complex Answers

Would a US election be invalid if a foreign government, group, or person acted to cause election results to be skewed? If “yes” did a foreign government, group, or person so act in 2016 elections? If “yes” could the artificial distortions caused by these actions materially change the outcomes? If “yes” what are the remedies?

Seventeen US intelligence agencies have reported that Russian hacking took place and was designed to distort the election or to cause uncertainty about the election process itself. The public does not yet have access to the full findings and recommendations of these agencies. President Obama has ordered the intelligence community to investigate the possibility of interference in the election and to issue a public report before he leaves office in January. In the Senate, Republican Senator John McCain who is Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer plan to conduct a bipartisan investigation. The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee and the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee also plan investigations. In the House, speaker Paul Ryan has said that interference in our elections is intolerable; so we believe that additional studies may be conducted in the House.

We need public disclosure of these findings to answer fully the questions about involvement of Russia in our elections. That will take time, so we add another question for the Supreme Court: what will be the status of the elections and those declared as winners, in the interim?

We ask that an injunction be placed on the election results and a new election held. It is not satisfactory to push these questions under the rug for the sake of comfort. This is not a comfortable time. It is unacceptable to allow these tainted election results, as stated by 17 Federal government organizations, our President and members of congress, to stand. It is just not acceptable.

What will be the answer of our leaders in this critical moment? We watched patiently, as our leaders took our monies to bail out the wealthiest of our country. We TRUSTED that our commitment would be honored. What we got in return was a statistical disdain toward the needs and desires of the American people – – by congress. This is a moment when our needs can no longer be ignored, for the very basis for the trust we have endowed to our leaders is in question.

The Voices of Millions ask our elected officials to act on this obvious attack on our country, our rights and the very foundation of who we are, as Americans. supreme-court

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  1. https://analysisanddiscourse.com/2016/12/27/voicesofmillions-it-comes-down-to-trust/ Love my country and defended from al mf kkk Nazi Recital Asshole Christine brotherhood jail and deport al of NRA GOP and fup followers yes we can

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