An Open Letter to President Obama

obamaDear Mr. President,

There is a nation-wide movement which recognizes that with the recent public announcement by the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies that the election was hacked and thrown in the direction of one candidate over the other major candidate, action is required.  This movement is demanding firm, legal action to stop the process of the transition of power under these exceptional circumstances.

Many of us expected you to declare the election illegal, defrauded and therefore to be rendered null and void with the ruling of the Supreme Court upon public announcement by the intelligence agencies of the hacking by a foreign power.  It was only in the year 2000 that the Supreme Court intervened on a much lesser offense into the Presidential election.

That you would immediately act to defend our Constitution as President, fulfilling your oath of office, was the logic staring the nation in the face.  Not doing this is to concede loss actually to the hackers, in this case, a foreign power leading to unspeakable damage to our nation in the eyes of the world and our own.  It should also be considered a serious national security issue, the consequences of which need to be cleaned up at home.  A former CIA director, I heard today, called this hack “a political 9/11”.  This is the severity of this situation.

Whatever good you may be due you for your legacy, it would be irreparably tarnished by your continued refusal to stand up to a foreign power’s hacking of our election and throwing the results which places the American People and our Democracy in harm’s way now and for future elections. What kind of precedent does this set? Not to mention that inestimable harm this would do to the integrity of our nation’s Democracy in the eyes of the world.  It is complex and challenging to assess the ramifications of this inaction by our duly elected President.
Oddly, you did not act on this immediately but instead chose to engage different means to punish Russia. However, if you do not mind my boldness–that is at best digressive–just not the primary point. If you don’t mind my saying Mr. President, the point is that this past election was defrauded and without appropriate legal action to nullify the inaccurate results. A defrauded election stands and someone, who may or may not have won the election, will be President.  That is, nullifying the results of a fraudulent election and calling for a new one is overwhelmingly the point.

I am therefore, among millions of Americans I am sure, calling on you to immediately file with the Supreme Court to effect an immediate ruling on this Unconstitutional election fraud no later than Friday, 12-31. You can see Article 4, Section 4, below for the legal basis for the nullification. “Territory” must also include obviously “cyber-territory”, an idea the Founding Fathers could not have conceived at that time but no less relevant, the principle of territory remaining intact.

There are other unconstitutional points, especially involving profit derived from foreign countries which are at play here with the current President-elect which everyone is aware of and yet are also being allowed to slip by as though we don’t notice the elephant in the room.

Thankfully many legal scholars across the country are speaking out about it, yet the DOJ and Oval Office seem to be turning deaf ears to the greatest legal minds in the U.S., because, I imagine, acting would seem too political, too inconvenient? but what we’re dealing with here, again, is simply rule of law.  Either we have it or we don’t—we cannot make believe we do then ignore it.
While this is secondary to the point above regarding election, you no doubt have the full authority to delay or defer a transition of power to a President-elect who is in explicit defiance of the Constitution on Day 1.  That is, there should be ground for an injunction and postponement here, under a Declaration of Emergency or another mechanism by which this matter would be jurisdicted by the Supreme Court prior to a President-elect under these circumstances, being sworn in.

I am not a lawyer as I am sure you can tell, but it remains your solemn duty to uphold the Constitution, and protect the People from someone who is in breach of the Constitution on Day 1 since he will be swearing to uphold it at inauguration but yet at that moment, in breach of it.  The hypocrisy and conflict of interest, Mr. President, is just too extreme.  Even comedians won’t know what to do with this one.
Everyone understands that at this point in your term, you are focused on your legacy, very understandably.  But we’re facing a serious national security crisis.  I’m suggesting that it is a false assumption that by ignoring this, your legacy will remain intact and glowing. I’m suggesting the opposite:  by not acting on this, you will be jeopardizing this legacy and your many years of dedicated service by jeopardizing our Democracy and elections.

This is not ‘business-as-usual’, and should not be regarded as such..  As a voice of one but surely for millions, Mr. President, it is urgent that you act on the above central point that the election results be immediately reviewed by the Supreme Court by your office’s request by the December 30 deadline based on the publicly declared fact that the election was hacked and results swayed by a foreign power.

This is not partisan, this is not political, but about the rule of law and whether or not we actually have a Democracy in this country.  As a Constitutional lawyer as well, I am confident that you have full appreciation of this point.

A colleague, Jerroll Sanders, researched this matter and presented this:

If 2016 election results are permitted to stand, Putin will have proven to the world that America is weak, our elected officials are spineless and more concerned with party affiliations than preserving our Union, and “We the People” are no more.
Everything we are and hope to become as a nation hangs in the balance. We can move forward and concede to be ruled by a President we have every reason to believe was elected by Vladimir Putin or another third party, or we can hold new elections and alleviate all doubts. A nationwide coalition of patriots known as Voices of Millions has joined to prevent a grave injustice. We are united by our desire to protect our right to choose public servants via fair and equitable elections rather than divided by personal political leanings. We understand that integrity in elections is the foundational principle upon which a citizen’s power rests. We insist that process—not a third party—dictate election outcomes in this Nation.
Both victory and defeat begin in the mind. Our singular mission is to achieve a new election by securing a permanent injunction from the U.S. Supreme Court prohibiting the U.S. Congress from ratifying electoral votes on January 6, 2017, that were cast for president and vice president of the United States. We also intend to leverage this opportunity to garner from the U.S. Supreme Court guidelines that will ensure voting regularity and fairness on multiple fronts without transgressing States’ rights. We are hinging our legal strategy on the Guarantee Clause:
Guarantee Clause
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.
Legal scholars have had difficulty succeeding with the Guarantee Clause as the basis for legal actions brought before the High Court. But now is different: We find ourselves in the midst of a “perfect storm”—an unprecedented moment in time that has revealed a gaping hole in our democracy. Since the days of our Founding Fathers, the rules of engagement and warfare have changed. The Guarantee Clause requires the U.S. Government to protect against invasions of all U.S. territories and we believe that includes cyber territories.
“We The People” are the guardians of history and history will judge our tenacity, ingenuity, work, and humility. It’s all hands on deck.
“Contaminate the Process. Contaminate the Results”
Thank you for listening, for your attention attention Mr. President, and your immediate action on the above.

Mitchell Rabin

Voices Of Millions


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17 Responses to An Open Letter to President Obama

  1. Karen White says:

    Please President Obama trump is not a legitimate president elect

  2. Cheryl says:

    This is Brilliant.👏👏👏👏

    • Thanks!!! We are working hard. Get the word out where ever you can. If you know people active on social media, give them the letter and let them know we are fighting NOW for new election. If Ukraine can do it after the SAME people hacked their election, so can we!!

  3. Cynthia Buckwalter says:

    Every American is counting on you to stop Mr.Trump and Russia from taking us all down a road,that is extremely dangerous to WE THE PEOPLE. Russia has affected the world as will trump!

  4. Chris steele says:

    Please president Obama,
    There must be something you can do to keep trump from the presidency. He has committed so much fraud and broken laws both domestic and foreign and he continues this behaviour. You have got to protect the USA from such an unstable and crooked person and his family.
    By the way thank you for your service for the last 8 years. You have been a remarkable example of what the presidency is all about.
    You have not been given the credit you deserve for for bringing our country out of one of the worst recession and turmoil existing when you took over.
    Thank you
    Chris steele

  5. Lisa Charlanza says:

    This is the most crucial decision in your career as President. It is also one of the most important in the history of the United States. Our right to vote for our governing representatives is the most precious right we have. It defines the greatness of America & the values we cherish & choose to uphold. We vote for those we trust with our safety & the lives of our brave servicemen. It is your responsibility as President to demonstrate that you understand the weight of this & acknowledge that our rights were violated & we were stripped of the power to fairly choose your successor & the state representatives to speak for us. There was targeted interference by a foreign govt, collusion of multiple people within our govt itself, massive voter suppression in heavily Democratic African American communities (also a prosecutable discriminatory offense), questionable voting practices & inability to recount in many districts, hundreds of thousands of ballots discarded which could have changed the outcome & no forensic auditing. We no longer have faith in the fairness of election process & GOP has shown they will use aggressive tactics to force a desired turnout. If you do nothing, we will remain a country divided & this will cease to be the America we know & love. It will be a dark cloud over your tenure that will overshadow your accomplishments. Furthermore we are under threat by the very politicians who stole this election, already pushing an agenda closely resembling Russia’s. We will not bounce back after seats are filled with more of the same & law after law will be passed until we are unrecognizable. Please see the necessity of acting now in the best interests of America & her people.

  6. Carmen Blackmon says:

    Russia interfered in the American Presidential Election to benefit Putin by controling trump. Trump confirmed this AEB pledging loyalty to Russia, denouncing 17 official American agencies verifying Russia interference. Russia appears not only control trump but his team. We the people need to ensure a fair election has occurred and America remains a democracy not controlled by any country. President Obama please SAVE America.
    Please do not let fear of politicizing this election bc it was out of your control then but not now.
    Carmen Blackmon

  7. Rachel Prater says:

    This MUST BE corrected!!! Now!!!

  8. Jacqueline Patricio says:

    Thank you for appealing to our president. Please President Obama do all you can to stop him from leading us to hell. This is imperative to the future of America.

  9. Ann Bley says:

    I know President Obama is concerned as we all are. I hope too that he will find a way to end this presidency before it starts. Let’s hope he will.
    I would like to say I feel badly for him. He came into office with a cloud over the the presidency thanks to the failing economy that George Bush left him with. And now, he is faced with this disastrous election result. When are the American people going to wake up to the fact that the Republicans are directly responsible for all of this?

    • Jacqueline Patricio says:

      Four top psychiatrists have sent a letter to our president imploring him to require the illegitimate peotus to have non-partial psych eval. He hasNPD narcissistic personality disorder. It’s untreatable and will only get worse. We cannot allow him to take oath of office.

      • Roger R. Rivera says:

        I can’t agree with you more.
        I’m late to this information but it is valid to this day. As an old enemy used to say,”what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.”
        This way of thinking is still a valid point which can and is being used to mobilize millions of Americans to keep this team in check.
        Keep up the momentum…

  10. Ann Bley says:

    I believe that President Obama is concerned as we all are and hope that he will find a way to end this presidency before it starts.
    I feel badly for President Obama. He came into office with a cloud over the the presidency thanks to a failing economy and 2 overseas conflicts. And now, he is faced with this election result. I wonder if the American people are ever going to wake up to the fact that the Republican party engineered both of these situations. The Republicans are a blight on American politics. President Obama is faced once again with dealing with the chaos they have created. I hope he can find the courage and the means to avert a disaster for our country.

  11. Obama has done 2 little 2 late. He can/must ok Special Prosecutor now. See/Sign/Share: must

  12. Theresa Beernaert says:


  13. Bushwacked says:

    The GREATEST injustice to ever be perpetrated on this country and attack on this DEMOCRACY would be ALLOWING TRUMP to illegitimately enter office of President. Too many people have died and been seriously wounded in name of Democracy and free fair Election!!

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