Open Letter to Vice President Joe Biden


Dear Mr. Vice President,

We have just borne witness to the first cyber-hacking of a U.S. presidential election by a foreign power, which has been reported to the American people by 17 federal intelligence agencies, most notably the CIA and FBI. According to the report, the foreign power not only hacked and invaded our election process, but skewed the results in favor of one of the two major candidates. President Obama’s strong actions against Russia on Dec. 29th signal the seriousness of this situation.
Needless to say, this is an affront of the highest order to our Democracy and standing in the world. What happened is flagrantly unethical, illegal and unconstitutional. It demands immediate action by the Supreme Court to render the election null and void, and instigate a new election.
If this does not happen, we will have to live with the fact that President Putin selected the next U.S. President. I don’t think any American would feel very good about this literal invasion of our cyberspace right into the presidential election.  So a group of us, who are committed to the rule of law, has filed a Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme Court for an emergency ruling, with the interest of annulling the election and scheduling a new one, free of foreign influence.
Mr. Vice President, in respect to the exceptional circumstances we are facing at this critical moment in our nation’s history, we ask that you delay the ratification of any Senator on January 3 until the Supreme Court rules on the validity, or lack thereof, of the election. Intelligence agencies have told us publicly that the election was hacked, the perpetrators on the ground in the U.S. were identified and expelled, and the results purposely skewed. There is even emerging evidence of a plan in place between the Trump team and the Russian government going back several years.
This is all the more reason for exercising caution with every step.
We envision the Supreme Court, based on the evidence, will annul the recent election and call for a new election to be held forthwith. We have seen a groundswell of interest and momentum through our national network toward this outcome for the sake of the integrity of our Democracy.
This is a valid but critical departure from business as usual and we urge you to discuss this important matter with the President, so that any ratification can be delayed until the Supreme Court has ruled.
Mitchell Rabin
Voice of Millions
Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC.
Creative Consulting, Stress Management
Host & Producer, A Better World Radio & TV
212 420-0800


NOTE: We will address the FALSE media claims that no votes were obstructed in next post. KZS

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2 Responses to Open Letter to Vice President Joe Biden

  1. Thank you for fighting for nullification of the 2016 election tainted by Russian intervention & by suppression of minority votes. I support you.

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