Despite Protestations to the Contrary: Russian Hacking Changed the ACTUAL VOTE

russia-colorTwo perspectives on why we KNOW the Russian hacking affected voting totals.


  1. Russians were INSIDE OUR VOTING MACHINES in multiple states. This is well established and unchallenged.
  2. Top Hacker in the world, who is well able to conceal his footprints, was one of the people digging around in our voting machines.
  3. Removal of names from voting rolls, which results in said voter having to file a provisional ballot, is the evidence. These provisional ballots, as a result of the tampering, affected votes in primarily Anti-Trump districts because provisional ballots are thrown out at a much higher rate than other ballots.
  4. In this close election, any of these moves initiated by the Russians, would or could be enough to have thrown the election.
  5. Therefore, ACTUAL VOTES did change as a direct result of this Russian tampering.
  6. There is no ability to audit the vote due to numerous problems with voting machines, protocols and procedures before, during and after the vote. These are well described elsewhere.

Our country depends upon a voting system citizens can trust. Republicans and Democrats alike, know that this vote was not healthy and did result in a change in the election results DIRECTLY attributable to Russian hostile actions.

Tampering with and entering our sovereign voting system is a direct action of war by a foreign nation. Our technology is as much a part of the United States as any sovereign district, therein.

We can not allow this vote to stand or everything our country is build upon is shifting sand.  KZS



Now, for another perspective:



Knowledge of the Russian influence on our Nov. election has been in the news since early October. ( and

Not one, not two, but 17 intelligence agencies (who knew that there even were 17 intelligence agencies?) have come out to confirm the hacking and the influence these professional hackers had on the election results.

The first major report from the CIA stated that the Russians hacked the election with the intention of skewing results to Trump’s favor. (

Among the hackers is said to be the world’s best hacker.  President Obama, after being very strong against the Russians yesterday by dispelling 35 of the hackers from the U.S, is apparently seeking to distance himself from the idea that their hacking had any influence on the election results.  Yet, the CIA itself, in its own report, stated that the hacking influenced the results toward Trump. What gives?!

If influencing results is the reason for the hacking, especially in a case like this, does it stand to reason that some of the greatest hackers in the world would hack into a system and simply admire its digital beauty without taking the next easy step of changing votes from one candidate and party to the next?

There is bi-partisan consensus, unusual as that is, around this subject.  One would expect Harry Reid to be outspoken about this (  But Republicans Mitch McConnell *( and Paul Ryan as well (

We shouldn’t be focused on the Presidential election alone. The Russian hack it appears, and only makes sense, to have influenced down-ballot votes as well which insured a Republican Senate and Congress.

We know how easy it is to change computerized voting machines (, because people domestically have been doing it for decades (

It is important to further digest the fact that polling has become virtually a science. The algorithms have become quite refined over time. Polling organizations tend toward reasonable accuracy and rely significantly on exit polls.  Yet, everyone, including Donald Trump himself, was stunned on election night, Nov. 8.

What accounts to the extreme inaccuracy of virtually all the pollsters and pundits who live and breathe these studies and data night and day?  Then all intelligence agencies come out publicly, risking their reputations, stating affirmatively that the Russians hacked the election, that is, the vote.  That means they went in and altered the vote.  That’s an actual manipulation.  Additional to that, it has been stated that they hacked into the DNC and RNC and leaked confidential emails from the DNC to WikiLeaks that were damaging to the Democrats in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular.

With all due respect, when President Obama has recently said that yes there was hacking but no influence on the voting results, one can only assume that the fresh Hawaiian air has skewed his clarity of thought.  It’s a rather parallel statement to former President Clinton telling us that he once put a joint to his lips “but didn’t inhale”.

As a result of the intelligence agencies’ investigation that hacking occurred by a foreign government into the DNC and RNC, leaked sensitive emails that directly influenced voters, and additionally manipulated the votes themselves, means that these election results are fraudulent and must be discarded.  It’s not complicated.

In effect, if the Oval Office or the Supreme Court does not make that determination, we’ll have the Russian government to thank, and probably President Putin, for selecting the United States’ latest President.
Excellent!  So would be the demise of Democracy in the U.S., supposedly the exemplar of Democracy in the world. Or, according to simple logic, we would hold a next election, with only those who ran on Nov. 8 running again in a quick, efficient election.

President Obama is in his last weeks of his Presidency.  What he’s being called to do here to preserve integrity in voting and integrity of our Democracy is not easy and is unprecedented in U.S. history: nullify the vote and hold a new election.  One can understand his reticence in doing this, especially while on vacation in Paradise and entering your last few weeks in office.  He has suffered so much as a result of being the first black President, of facing a Republican Congress for most of his two terms, of having a different style of leadership than many and by the disappointment he’s caused in so many with the divergence from his campaign promises for change when so much ultimately remained the same.

None of this withstanding, he has one of the greatest challenges of his eight years in office in the last 3 weeks!  So we can certainly understand his reticence, but we need him to stand up for integrity in voting and Democracy.  We the People need to demand this integrity by pressing the President and pressing the Supreme Court.

Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC.
Creative Consulting, Stress Management
Host & Producer, A Better World Radio & TV
212 420-0800

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  Buckminster Fuller

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