Dear Members of Congress,

We are at an historical turn of the wheel.  For the first time in U.S. history, we have been invaded by a foreign power through our election process.  It was, in fact, by what is largely considered to be by most, an adversarial foreign power.

Former CIA Director, Michael Morrell, called it “a political 9/11”.  Republican Senator John McCain called it “an act of war”.

The sum total of intelligence agencies, not 1, not 2, 17, have stated publicly that Russian government operatives hacked into the DNC, RNC and into our voting system itself.

I would call these rather powerful statements by people who have held and are holding, some of the most prestigious positions in government.  These are not people known for making false or glib statements.  I believe that we need to take the findings of our intelligence agencies as well as the words of some of our national leaders to heart.

We are dealing with a crisis of Democracy unparalleled in our history. And it is calling for unparalleled action.

If we succumb to ignoring this elephant before our eyes, that our election was hacked with the intent of placing one candidate in office over another, by a foreign power, we will have, not the American People to thank for our next President but the foreign power.  How unprecedented is that?

I seriously doubt that any member of Congress with an ounce of integrity would consider party position over the integrity of our Democracy itself.  And if there is a single member of Congress who would, he or should summarily and voluntarily resign.  They are clearly not upholding their oath of office.  That oath is to the Constitution, not a party affiliation.  The Founding Fathers abhorred parties and saw them as evil, and now I know why.

We are speaking purely of the rule of law and upholding the Constitution and laws of our land.  That’s it.

Oddly, there currently no legal mechanism for calling a new election in the case of a foreign invasion into our election process.  But there is the guarantee clause of the Constitution (Article 4, Section 4), which guarantees us the solemn protection of our election process.

One of my colleagues, Jerroll Sanders, has come up with a simple, elegant solution to this gaping hole in our Constitution and body of law that needs to be addressed immediately.  We have submitted a Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme Court to nullify the invaded, hacked and manipulated election of Nov. 8 and call for new elections forthwith.

We have millions of people behind us from virtually every state in the Union, who feel that upholding the integrity of our elections and our Democracy is far more important than any party winning or losing, be it President or down-ballot.

Many have thought through, certainly we expect that you have or should, that if the Russian government were able to access our cyber-space and hack into the DNC and RNC emails, and then to our voting machines directly, who will it be at the mid-term elections, the Russians again?  Or would this time be ISIS?

This underlines the severity of the situation in which we are now standing.  If you haven’t looked at it like this before, it’s time for you to start.  This is why  Mike Morrell said this was a “Political 9/11” and why Senator McCain called it “An act of war”.

It is simply incumbent upon you to delay the ratification of the new Congress until the Supreme Court has ruled on this obviously most important matter.

We know that there are people on Capitol Hill, we know that there are people throughout all walks of government, regardless of party, who are appalled by the affront of this hacking poses to the integrity of our Democracy, and won’t stand for it.

You as our Congress, sworn to uphold the Constitution by oath of your office, need to step forward and refuse to ratify a result from a vote that was manipulated by a foreign power.  That it is Russia may be considered particularly heinous, but that is wholly secondary to the fact that it was a foreign power, and it doesn’t get more Anti-American than that.

I trust you understand the sobriety and severity of the situation and as honest, honorable and principled Americans above all else, and will act accordingly.

Thank you deeply for your thoughtful attention to this most serious matter.


Mitchell Rabin, M.A., L.AC.

Voices of Millions


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  1. alexmohajer says:

    Do you have a copy of the writ you submitted? Any proof. I have offered to get this main stream media attention however there does not seem to be any documented evidence of the Writ. Am happy to support this cause if I can get evidentiary backing.

  2. Karen Stauffer says:

    The only real answer is nullify election and do over.

  3. Leslie Pellegrin says:

    It feels like no one is listening….please hear our plea

  4. Jane O'Donnell says:

    Please do something for American peple.

  5. lyndsay levy says:

    Can I sign this as well? captures my sentiments perfectly.

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