FAQ for Voices of Millions

1. Who is Voices of Millions and what is this all about? 

We are a coalition of people who came together to demand a new election. We started as a small group of citizens determined to not accept Russia’s influence, and Putin himself, as the last word on our 2016 Presidential election. When the majority of our leaders failed to respond to the legitimate concerns regarding the integrity of the election, we jumped into action and have been working long days and nights to bring this issue to light.

2. Is this a party issue? 

NO! This is about the integrity of our voting system and our right to vote.

3. Has this ever happened before? 

Not only has it happened before, but the VERY SAME PEOPLE hacking our election have hacked elections in other countries.

4. What did those other countries do when faced with a hacked election? 

When citizens of other countries found out their elections were hacked, tens of thousands of citizens rose up in the streets and DEMANDED A NEW ELECTION. The Supreme Court in those countries immediately ordered a revote.

5. Why aren’t Americans rising up to demand a new, non-hacked election? 

There are many reasons people are not vehemently challenging this election and demanding a revote, including fear, belief that a new election cannot be achieved, loss of hope due to failed attempts to stop electoral voters, feelings of hopelessness, and the news media’s efforts to “normalize” our 2016 abnormal election. “We the People” deserve to be heard!

6. What are we doing here? 

We fully researched to find the best solution. We talked to top constitutional lawyers, advocates, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives, security experts, professors, and citizens throughout our great country. It quickly became clear that there was one real path to a new election and it was through the courts. That is why we filed a writ of mandamus to void the 2016 election on the grounds that the U.S. Government failed to protect the States against invasion and protect our Republican form of government by allowing a foreign invader to invade our election system..

7. Why isn’t anyone doing anything? 

Well, they are. We are the “someone” and we are working on what we are confident is the best solution with the highest probability of getting us what we want—a new election!

8. Who is Jane? 

#ImAJane (Just a New Election) is our hashtag on Twitter. We are also using the hastags #NewElection and #Revote. Share our hashtags and the link to these FAQs so people can learn about this effort and have their questions answered.

9. I am so sick of election stuff. Can’t we just wait and see what happens? 

Believe me, you have no idea how sick of this we all are, too. But our country’s continued existence is at stake. No democracy can stand when its foundation is lost. Our vote is the foundation of our nation’s Republican form of government. We will never again have the power of our vote if we allow an outsider to pick our officials. A new election will undoubtedly create chaos. But the chaos we will experience for three or four months while holding a new election will help us avoid the fallout of a destabilized nation—which may last forever.

10. I’m scared—what would it look like? 

A new election merely means a rapid, fair, untainted vote be held, using paper ballots, so a recount, if necessary, can be done. A new election is not something to be afraid of. It must be done. A new election would be established and organized through our Congress and our President—using its emergency powers as outlined in the constitution.

11. Could this lead to civil unrest or even civil war? 

No doubt there will be Trump supporters who will view this effort as an attempt to deny him office. But in this nation, the rule of law prevails and we all must follow the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court determines this election was unconstitutional, everyone in this nation will be expected to comply.

15. How can we stay informed?

Visit our website at http://www.revote.info for a daily update. Also, donate as much as you can.

16. So what do you want me to do? Here are some action steps you can take:

a) Review the action steps posted daily to http://revote.info

b) Donate at https://www.gofundme.com/NewElection to support our actions. We need funds to file cases, hire attorneys and take other actions.

c) Also visit some of our coalition members’ social media pages at https://analysisanddiscourse.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=249&action=edit @Mtnmd @KirstinElaine1 @ChangeIsOnUs1 @ABetterWorldWeb.

d) Share the link to this website and video with at least ten new people every day.Time is running out.

e) Make at least 3-5 calls a day to your senators, representatives, President Obama, VP Biden, and others and convey one single message, which is “I WANT A NEW ELECTION.” Call 202-224-3121.

f) Hold protests and gatherings in front of the Federal District Court House or your County Court House.

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2 Responses to FAQ for Voices of Millions

  1. Wilma hays says:

    Is it too late to send letter. Didn’t seem like WH letter contact sent my letter

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