flagWe know that we are dealing with an election tainted by Russian interference. We know that scores of congresspersons have taken office under this tainted election and that we, as a country, are about to inaugurate an illegitimate president. This can not happen.

I want to discuss three facts:

1. We have a motion submitted to the Supreme Court, currently pending processing, to put a stay on the election, halting the inauguration. Putting a stay on this election is LEGALLY VIABLE, MORALLY MANDATED. There is nothing left of our democracy if we allow an illegitimate president to take office. We KNOW that other elections in the United States have been thrown out for electoral malfeasance and this one can, too. This is NOT scary. It is NOT unprecedented. It is NOT dangerous. It is merely doing the right thing. The constitutional thing. The American thing. Other countries, when attacked by these SAME PLAYERS, have immediately held revotes. The United States can CERTAINLY do this, too. We are a great country and our constitution DOES allow for the revote of elections in the event of electoral malfeasance.

2.  This election was hacked by Russians. Now, I could write for an hour on the irrefutable proofs we have that actual votes were changed. But sinking into the details, which could take months to sort out and get across to the electorate, does not help in this constitutional crisis. We have to STOP the inauguration now, and sort it out. Taking a moment to make sure we have the correct president in office is critical to the very survival of our country. I know, the things which are happening are hard to digest. Americans have got to digest them faster, for we have a mere 72 hours to digest. The time to act is now. Votes were hacked. Votes were altered. If this was even SUSPECTED and not verified, a new vote would be required.

3. These actions are NOT unprecedented. This has happened before in elections around the country. The two differences here are that this is our presidential election and that a foreign nation was the actor. Other than that, there is no reason we cannot redo the vote to insure Americans have the correct elected leaders.

The news stations are doing what, around the world, is called “normalization”. They are covering stories which do NOT tell the truth of our election in an attempt to woo the public into acceptance. This, also, is not a new tactic.

We need every one of you to contact every single news source, including The Hill, CNN, NBC, your local stations and every single news source you can reach asking them why they are not covering this story. We know some of the reasons they are not, and as the days roll on, I believe we will know much more. But the “why” right now is not as important as letting them know they MUST cover the news of the Russian hacking and the illegitimate president. They have to cover a hacking of our election by a hostile foreign nation with evidence it is related to a $500 billion dollar oil deal. It is indeed, a HUGE story. Why are they not covering it?

Please, take time now for action. Take time now, to call, write, message every single news media source and ask them to DO THEIR JOB.

As a fellow American citizen watching our country fall, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please, jump into action. The time is now, or forever hold your peace.

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  1. Steven James says:

    “Irrefutable proofs”? You mean, your own little suspicion that something went wrong because your little Hillary didn’t win? There is ZERO proof of ANY hacking that changed the results. None! You can’t just cancel an election because someone “suspects” something.

    Also, to say that a “majority” want a new election is a big fat lie. Most people have moved on. It’s the 1% of 1% of 1% who want a “do-over.”

    And now you want us to bother everyone at our news stations just like you wanted us to bother our electors and congressman over an absolutely hopeless cause? Trump won. Deal with it, get over it. You are an embarrassment.

    • Steven, Actually, international standards for determining voting hacking have demonstrated that MI, Penn and FL fail miserably. And pre-election vote tallies found Hillary had an insurmountable lead. So we have more than enough information, using the same standards used in other countries to REVOTE, to say this is a tainted election. I realize this must be hard for a Trump supporter to hear, but it is the truth. And frankly, if a vote is even SUSPECTED of being tainted, the standard is: Revote. 55%, a majority, of Americans now say they are concerned about this hacking. That, also, meets the standard required for a revote.

      • Steven James says:

        Pennsylvania’s computer says are not even hooked up to the internet-how could Russia have possibly hacked them? And so what if exit polls show different numbers? The only real poll is the Election.
        Please explain–I do not mean to sound defensive. I’m honestly wondering how it is possible to hack an election especially when a computer that is used for voting is not even connected to the internet.

        Even if there is suspicion, don’t we live in a country where one is innocent til PROVEN guilty? And also please answer his honestly; if the government DOES investigate and they find that Trump is actually clean, then would you accept the result and move on?

        One more: Where do you get that 55% are concerned about the alleged hacking?

      • ALL of these computers are “hooked up” to the internet at various points in the process. For $25 and a few minutes, it can be done. Americans have suffered under a BIPARTISAN hacked system for 15 years now. We HAVE to fix this. It is part of why Americans do not have a say. It’s why we have a swamp. It’s why we have an oligarchy. EVERYONE should be immensely concerned about what is happening to steal the power of the citizens.

      • kylecov04 says:

        The voting machines may not have been connected to the internet while people cast their votes… but how was the software updated with current ballot perimeters prior to voting day? Also, how were tally numbers reported? And to whom? Were the impartial numbers / vote results entered into a computer at ANY point in state’s compiling process?

        Beyond this, thought must be put into the high number of people turned away and not allowed to vote because an address was wrong, a signature looked different, their registration couldn’t be found, they were at the wrong poll location, …the list goes on. I remember reading that in Florida that a voting machine vendor was hacked into. I remember reading that voter databases were hacked. I remember reading that a voter database software company was hacked into. Put these all together and suspicion exists at the possibility of election fraud. Not just voter suppression but actual ability to change election tally numbers. How many states had down ballot votes, but NO VOTE for president?

        That is why diligence was needed in recounts in states that looked suspicious, but those efforts were met with intense opposition legally and in person by who? Trump and his legal team.

        If you can see all of these things together it paints a very vivid picture of fraud. And it seems like every time someone was on the right trail, there were a sea of other events to chase and what ultimately garnered the press attention and in turn the peoples attention.

        It was possible. It was well masterminded and implemented. I also think many connections and elements all fall into place when you look at those who surround Trump and many who he has appointed. There are just too many parallels.

    • You should have been doing some light reading during the course of the election…several legit pieces done, both on print and on air, on how exactly “non internet” voting machines can be and have been hacked and how easy it is to do so…
      this is irrefutable

      • It is SO concerning that our voting system has been WIDE OPEN for hacking for years now and that citizens were unaware. This election, if our country even continues, will be the key to repair. So sad how we, as citizens, have been uninformed about this problem of which the Russians took full advantage.

  2. Cheryl Thompson says:

    I grew up understanding our country team upon Democracy principles. If this 2016 election is not nullified… Then our Democracy is dead.

  3. Cheryl Thompson says:

    I grew up understanding our country was based upon Democracy principles. If this 2016 election is not nullified… Then our Democracy is dead (edited previous post)


  5. Tell me more about #1. Who is this “WE”?

    #VeteransAgainstDrumpf at are circulating a petition for IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION of illegitimate, pussy-grabbing Russian puppet. WHO has petitioned the SCOTUS and how can veterans help?

  6. LadyFrmLA says:

    I agree, the inauguration must be stopped, at the least, delayed. The Senate Select Committee (or appropriate Committee) must thoroughly vet Donald Trump’s personal, corporate and partnership tax returns. Thus, his Russian connections, if any, will be transparent and the Senate can move forward with the appropriate action.
    In addition, it is up to the US Government to object to Trump’s continued involvement in his business enterprises. If not, they are complicit with his violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause étal, upon being sworn into office. There should be no inauguration if it leads straight to impeachment. (Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed legislation, however, it cannot be passed in time.)

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