Letter to President Obama, Jan 18

Hi all,

I’m glad things are proceeding, and as long as there is a judicial appetite for justice, we’re in good shape.

This is the next letter I wrote to the White House Comment line:

Dear Mr. President,

You are STILL President and can therefore make executive decisions which stretch far beyond what furniture to move out of the West Wing first.  I apologize for the sarcasm but I have written to you several times about perhaps the most central issue facing our country:  Our 17 intelligence agencies said that we were hacked by the Russians–all the way to its top–which had the purpose of installing Trump in the White House and giving him a Senate and House majority.  It worked. YET, you, and no member of Congress has stood up to say that the election results therefore, must be THROWN OUT, AND TO HOLD A NEW ELECTION.

Yet that’s the Elephant in the room.  It is embarrassing that smart people are ignoring this obvious next step.  If it is not done, Putin placed Trump in the White House, NOT the American People. And you are willing to hand the keys over to a Putin-appointed U.S. President?  Only John Lewis has had the conviction to speak up.  Isn’t it outrageous that our Democracy and Congress are literally in the hands of Putin?

A group of us have submitted a Motion calling for a stay to the inauguration and any forward movement of the transition to SCOTUS.   The civil unrest and unsettled feeling across the country including buyer’s remorse continues to mount.  There is still time for you to act.   A peaceful transition is a great thing when it is to a legitimately elected President.  It should be a mindlessly peaceful thing.  Thank you in advance for acting.

Next is, I ask again, as so many thousands have for decades, to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier.  It is a CRIME that he has been in jail for 40 years when the evidence is skewed and he is innocent.  That is a LIFETIME.  PLEASE pardon him immediately.

You can still do so much good in these remaining days.

Again, thank you.

Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC.
Creative Consulting, Stress Management
Host & Producer, A Better World Radio & TV
212 420-0800

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3 Responses to Letter to President Obama, Jan 18

  1. Barack may fear to do it because they will nullify his action in opinion by saying he is Democrat or Black. Ditto for Ms. Lynch, but that is why I, a “White” guy, published a citizens arrest of Trump that I think is legal. Barack is very smart, but WE have to do it. I think he can tell his CIA to go with us or with Vermont (or all 13 original states), or at least allow them to. I have asked, and the tweets may have been intercepted. Gen Hayden said it was “The greatest covert operation in history,” the same day Barack said “Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave” that 37% of Republicans like Putin more than Democrats. Trump’s popularity is falling, so we may be catching on. But once seated, “believe me,” there will be no more constitutional procedure.

    Putin has a plan B, and the inauguration is already obviously a national security threat-#51 it, if you have to, or if we somehow are blocked tomorrow. Ghoh-Bama!-MM. Putin is watching this develop in real time, and his internet henchmen are making counter-moves. The US mob may be sub-contracted (Fools, they do not watch news from the Philippines!

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