Emergency Order to Stay the Election Fails at the Supreme Court; Campaign to Clean Voting System Continues


A small group of concerned citizens filed complaints with Federal courts around the country to ask for a Stay and a revote on the 2016 election (Writ of Mandamus), due to a compromise on the democratic voting process. This petition reached the highest court in our land. The emergency motion to stop the inauguration failed. Deep and abiding concerns about the legitimacy of this election have become only more disconcerting since November 8.  Day after day, it becomes clearer that the citizens of this country did not choose their “elected” leaders, but a coven of Russian hackers did.  The Supreme Court was petitioned for a new vote and, unfortunately, our argument was denied. We feel this was due to a hole in our constitution, rather than a weakness in our petition or our cause.

We implore the citizens of this country to rise and demand, back, the control of our Country. It is more than clear, as evidenced by a flood of academic articles on the subject, that we now live in an oligarchy run by billionaire oil interests and Russian mobsters. We know that the executive branch (with legal ability), the entire legislative branch, all of our elected officials and, significantly, our media failed to act because they chose to deny the facts in front of them and move on. They could have taken action to stop this but they did not. This was a tainted election and they have proceeded on as if it were as normal as rain. This is not acceptable in any way. The American people deserve a free and fair election.

It is imperative that the American people do not consider the failure of our petition to be a final judgment on the validity of the concerns about this election, our voting system, the flood of dark money and evil intents directing our nation, or the lack of input of citizens into our own governance. We must stand up now, and demand return of our rightful heritage, which is governance of our nation.

Citizens of every political stripe should be concerned about these illegal and immoral acts. For it may be one side receiving it now, but be assured, until we regain control of our country, particular concerns will hold no valor, either.

An emergency state has befallen our country. Citizens, rise and have your voice heard. If your congress person turns off their phone, march to their office. Be RELENTLESS in your position. Do not stop until we have returned this nation to its rightful heirs, the citizens of our nation.

Thank you to every single voice who spoke up, shared our efforts, donated, and cheered us on. Your words of encouragement, solidarity and love have warmed our tired hearts beyond measure.

Be relentless. Resist.

Contact Kirstin Elaine Martin 917-523-9163 or

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