A heartfelt thank you to all who are spreading the word this weekend and to those who have contributed. We are far behind in contributions, so that is gratefully accepted!

I want to update last 24 hours:

We have several top level lawyers conversing with us. They have said that although our writ is obviously written (poorly? 🙂 by a layperson and requires some “filling in” (to say the least!!), the argument itself is sound. We are meeting with lawyers all weekend to respectfully improve and to perfect what we have done so that the Supreme Court justices can feel confident ruling on our writ. We want to present as legible and accurate of an argument for them as we can. We are in deep respect for our justices (unlike the opinion of our “so called president” and the GOP congress) and honor the desire to have a competent and accurate argument for them. We want to follow the constitution and the will of the people.

The basis of our argument is that the federal government is tasked in our constitution with the job to keep states safe from foreign invasion. Since our election was invaded by a foreign nation, we do not ask the court to remedy this, as that is a political remedy per historical adjudication and noted to be non-judicable. What we DO ask is that they make a finding of fact that our election was tainted by foreign invasion and is therefore, nullified.


1. Continue to tweet and call top celebrities. We are only regular citizens and require immediate and rapid dissemination of this information. These special celebrities have the ability to maximize delivery of this information to the masses, that a revote is “LEGALLY PERMISSIBLE AND MORALLY MANDATED”. And, that this needs to happen now, through legitimate court functions. BIG PUSH for this weekend, thank you! Tweet, call, network this hard, now.

2. Know that this is a legal and permissible way to PEACEFULLY, LEGALLY and MORALLY solve our current and obvious crisis. We believe that we are dangerously close to a war or military take over of our country from which a return may be difficult or impossible. We believe the majority of the citizens want to know that the leaders of our country were legally and fairly elected, and that the Russians have not chosen our leaders. We believe that the vast majority of citizens, including those who voted for Trump, do not want to live under a rule which was suspect, at best. This election was illegitimate, and must be remedied. Our country, our democracy cannot stand the obfuscation of the vote, for it is the very foundation upon which we stand. This foundation, including a free and fair vote, repair of gerrymandering and other ‘funny games’ with our vote, and the massive amounts of dark money flowing in are the poison of our system. We cannot, as a country, go forward without repairing this crisis. A free and fair vote is the bedrock of our democracy and our future.

3. Donate what you can to https://www.gofundme.com/NewElection We have many costs far in excess of what we have brought in already and may require travel costs for plaintiffs, etc. We are grateful and humbled, beyond measure, for the support we have already received. We know this is a dangerous and expensive path that we committed to weeks ago. We are willing. We are grateful.

4. Get groups of friends to barrage organizations representing women, LGBT, minorities and other similar groups to write a “FRIEND OF THE COURT BRIEF”. We have legal resources for samples. We have other supporting materials in the works. What we need are LEGALLY RESPECTED organizations to join us, showing that the PUBLIC AGREES with a new vote. We recommend you target specific groups in your area with requests for Friend of Court brief. We can discuss legal strategies with them. HAVE THEM CALL US.

5. Spread the word that a revote was not only easily and quickly done in other countries where these same illicit players have done similar operations, but that it is “LEGALLY POSSIBLE, MORALLY MANDATED” that we do the same. Talk to friends, neighbors, associates. Post on FB. Let people know that WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT AN  ILLEGITIMATE ELECTION.

6. Know that our heart is filled to overflowing with the growing support we have for a fair and effective solution. We know that many have worked hard and been disappointed before. The American people must demand that this administration and ALL THE ELECTED OFFICIALS FROM 2016, must be reexamined with a vote, or our country and our democracy is GONE. Poof. Like that. We cannot stand by and let this happen. Join us, stay tuned, spread the word, donate, speak, write, and demand a new vote. Nothing less will do.

With warmth and hope,

K. Sennholz MD
Kirstin Elaine Martin

The rest of our team of brave and committed Americans, including our brave plaintiffs, to whom we owe endless adoration and gratitude.

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  1. Hiker says:

    Where are the case briefs?

  2. Krista Carlson says:

    I hope this is real. If it is THANK YOU!! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Leslie Cockhill says:

    Would also add a tag to a hashtag, whatever you wish. #HearTheCase for example? Thx. @LeslieCockhill

  4. Patricia L Carroll says:

    I really hope and pray that they will overturn election but I am concerned that it would happen again how do we ensure it is hack proof and legitimate if new election is done maybe by old fashion way hand counted by legitimate US veterans and grandparents or teenagers 16-17

    • Stan Anderson says:

      No one is asserting that our voting machines were hacked in the general election by a foreign power but rather that hacks and unauthorized release of DNC and Podesta emails unfairly influenced the election. A much stronger equitable case is that due to CrossCheck and other vote(r) suppression methods over one million mostly minority voters were unjustly disenfranchised resulting in GOP victories, including the presidency. See the documentary “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” online, by Greg Palast RIGHT NOW.

  5. Mindy Wallis says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. I hope and pray this works.
    Dworkin Report is full of ties to Russia

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  7. Michelle Kingsbury says:

    demand a total recount of every vote if this doesn’t work and I pray it will absentee ballots provisional, suppressed votes HRC wins all over game over.

    • Tia says:

      I so agree! I would so be happy that she ends up being the winner and then we’ll FINALLY have the RIGHTFUL winner in there than of Donald.

      • Adria says:

        She is NOT the “rightful winner” since she did not rightfully win the primaries! Rampant fraud occurred during the primaries and statistics show a 77 billion to 1 chance she won legitimately. We need to start over completely, from the primaries, or have another general election between Trump and Sanders (the rightful Democratic Party nominee.

  8. Diana says:

    I have ever 1 week off work. How else can I help!? Is there a template tweet I can send out? Or one for Facebook? I am in the Denver area

    • Saroj Gilbert says:

      find Indivisible FB pages
      reply to tweets with the info
      send to people you have emails for

  9. Diana says:

    If the election is overturned, who would act as President until the new election could be completed? Would Barack Obama return to office of the Presidency until that time? Trump could NOT BE TRUSTED to do what is right for our nation once he is informed that he is NOT OUR PRESIDENT! Any thoughts on. This?

  10. Sheryl boyd says:

    This does not sound right. Law suits have to be heard by lower courts before they are even considered by the Supreme Court. Also, they are asking you to call celebrities? That is very weird. An admittedly poorly written brief and a GoFund Me request for money? A case of this magnitude and importance would have top lawyers working for free. Something does not sound legitimate to me.

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  12. Tammy says:

    I want to work with this effort. Please let me know if there is anything additional you need volunteers for.

    • If you are on twitter now, the best thing is to get people to understand that a new vote is “Legally possible, morally mandated”. We are of the opinion that impeachment only rewards all the Republicans who helped in this fraud. AND it is unlikely in time to save the world from a world war. Our representatives in D.C. seem to be entirely out of touch with what the people see and want.

    • Stan Anderson says:

      Watch the documentary “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” https://goo.gl/YcozRo

  13. Suz says:

    Have we any evidence that those corrupt, idiot electors won’t vote the same way again?

    • Yes. Right now 60% do not like what he is doing. That is MASSIVE. Not a normal number. He did not win the election. He won’t again.

      • Kat says:

        The electors where only a tiny problem. Very few electors changed their committed votes.

        In addition, nothing in the 4-6 swing states with rampant election fraud would change electoral outcomes unless all the ballots were hand-counted and tabulated without voting machines or unless the result was an indisputably “YUGE” and “bigly” landslide, making it difficult to destroy, hide, or mangle enough ballots to flip the results. I also have little faith in an outcome change between Trump and Hillary. Both are still toxic to voters. So much Hillary hate, that there still might not be enough sympathy voters to give her the win. Still we have to continue efforts like yours to save our country. Let’s hope for success.

  14. Dee Roppe says:

    Mark Zuckerberg would be a great ally, in that he could testify as to Facebook’s culpability in allowing fake news (most of which was planted by Russian paid European teens) to permeate his app. Most educated American citizens believe this tilted the election in Drumpf’s favor.
    The FBI (Comey) is culpable too, and he knows it. They had damning information from Russia on .Drumpf, and did not leak that to the media. I hope these items would be included in your argument to the court.

    • Kat says:

      Facebook owned in part by Russian investors. Zuckerberg may not the best name associated with an investigation into Russian interference of US elections.

      I see little value in celebrity recruitment to get the word out. Pursuing the likes of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes and other NEWS celebrities for airtime would be a lot more productive. Also, would be well-known news blogs like Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, etc. If Jan. 21st, 2017 is the drop dead date for collecting petition signatures, may not be enough time to get promotional campaign off the ground. I only stumbled on this campaign last night, Feb 17th, completely by accident, while researching a related news issue.

  15. dp says:

    Has anyone posted a cliakable link to http://revote2017.org yet? The Returnthevote link is broken, and could easily be updated with the correct link.

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