The Framers of the Constitution, in 1787, imagined, and sought in checks they created in the Constitution, to prevent various means by which a tyrant, a foreign power, or mobs could take over our government. Article IV, Section 4 provides we shall be protected from foreign invasion. framersIn 1787, neither computer technology nor the literary genre of science fiction existed. The Framers understood the concept of invasion. They also created means by which this country could adapt to the changes of time. Today, evidence indicates the dictator of Russia illegally influenced the election of the President and the Vice President, as well as races for seats in the Congress. Neither of those branches can investigate Russia’s invasion as members of those branches benefited from the invasion. James Madison saw the judicial branch as the only branch able to resolve such matters. We have asked the Supreme Court to appoint a Special Master, a role created under the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure, to investigate the 2016 elections. If the elections were stolen from the American people, the relief we would seek would include new elections of all Federal offices that were on the ballot in 2016.


~Mark Small, Attorney at Law


Kelly Z. Sennholz MD

Kirstin Elaine Martin

Plaintiffs: Donna, Diane and Nancy

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5 Responses to PRESS RELEASE Feb 18 2017

  1. Lisa Denise Hauser says:

    As an American citizen I request we get a new election. I believe their is to much evidence providing this fact. Also with Trump and cabinet to close to Putin. A fair Revote should not upset eithier party. Please give us this election

  2. Kristin Brockett says:

    There is evidence of Collusion. This cannot be ignored. I request a new election.

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  5. Karen Johnston says:

    WE THE PEOPLE deserve a fair and untainted election, free of corruption by Cabinet members with an agenda to line their pockets with oil soaked money.
    Please….give us a new election.

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