We need a thousand short videos on “Why Revote”. Put it out and let us know your video count over the weekend. For those of you who know how to make videos, post with the hashtag #Revote on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. I think many have a 2 min limit. Let’s get this trending and educate the public.

I have included some ideas for video title and facts to include. Try to keep the video to 2 minutes, max. Make as many as you like and again, tag with #Revote. Post all weekend, over and over.

Here are some ideas:

Why Not Impeach?
1. Republicans have to do it and won’t. They won’t even demand Trump’s tax forms.
2. Even if they do it, if they don’t get 67 votes, he will still be in office
3. Hitler took German in 4 months, he’s working faster. Impeachment would take a year.
4. Even if successful, it would leave behind scores of Russian-run operatives. NOT OK!
5. Impeachment is NOT the answer and there is NOTHING in our Constitution to prevent us from demanding a revote on a hacked election.
6. Tainted elections have been addressed by the court in the past. This is the most important one.
7. Impeachment takes too long, our country is going down now. People have a hard time believing what they see. Believe FASTER.
8. Use that energy of protest to come out by the MILLIONS to demand a revote.
9. Demand organizations such as Moveon.org and ACLU to support this. They are making BILLIONS in donations. Time to PUT UP.
10. Demand our Democrats begin speaking for a revote, NOT impeachment. Time is of the essence.

Why is waiting for 2018 not the answer?

1. Our voting machines were hacked and likely still contain the virulent Russian virus. NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THAT.
2. Trump rapidly dismantled Federal voting oversight committee. The only ones to oversee free and fair vote. It’s gone.
3. Without a free and fair vote, we have what Russia has, a “Putin” winning by 75% each time in hacked vote. Our vote is over if we don’t fight.
4. The vote is the foundation of democracy. They have destroyed our foundation. Everything else will fall without it.
5. Trump is clearly following the “Rule Book for Authoritarian Dictators” and will result in loss of rights, rapidly
6. Trump is following Hitler’s rule book.
7. Hitler abolished German constitution in 4 months, Trump is moving faster
8. It appears very clear Trump and Bannon want to create war to diffuse leadership change
9. While splinter groups are fighting each of his horrific acts, he is moving greater plan forward
10. Democrats are unable to help us due to constraints of their job
11. Citizens are the ONLY people who can save this country.
12. The Wall is not being built to keep people out, it’s being built to keep people in “See North Korea”
13. Many citizens are finding it hard to believe what is happening. We have to get to this faster. We do not have time.
14. Our legal system is the only functioning branch right now and Trump has said he wants to abolish them. (See comments on 9th circuit)


1. Revote is Legally permitted, morally mandated
2. There is NOTHING in the constitution to prevent this.
3. There IS something in the Constitution saying Feds must protect from foreign invasion.
4. Impeachment is not the answer (see other video)
5. 2018 is NOT the answer (see other video)
6. We are in immediate danger, as is the entire rest of the world
7. We have already lost our international friends. We are being purposefully isolated.
8. Imminent war is in our future (Trump has SAID this, use quotes), we MUST prevent this.
9. Trump’s version of war includes using nuclear weapons.
10. This is the most urgent, important, and dangerous thing which has ever happened to the world.
11. Our environment cannot wait 4 years and time to repair damage.
12. It is obvious, the direction Republicans are taking is opposed by MASS percentage of Americans and world citizens.
13 It’s our job as citizens to DEMAND a revote
14. Stand together.

Russians hacked our Elections

1.  It is more than clear that our election was hacked by Russians.
2.  They not only infected us with lying propaganda, which is powerful, but changed ACTUAL VOTES.
3.  The Russian virus which they used is presumably still on our voting machines. No one is addressing that.
4.  Trump has demolished the voting oversight committee. No further free and fair votes will occur.
5.  They stole 100’s of 1000’s of voter databases. These voters had to use provisional ballots, thrown out at higher rate. THIS CHANGED VOTES.
6.  There is evidence in TWENTY STATES of voting manipulation.
7.  There is ample evidence that down ballot races were also affected by Russian manipulation, so a full revote is required.
8.  Is Trump REALLY our president?
9.  Are Republicans REALLY our congress?
10. Without a free and fair vote, our democracy is lost. Time to wake up and realize this.
11. Citizens need to rise up and DEMAND a revote now.
12. There is nothing in our Constitution to prevent us from doing this.
13. There will be no “impeachment” and no free and fair vote in 2018. This is the only answer.
14. Allowing this tainted vote to stand ends our democracy.



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