Some GRIM Facts and TRUTH about what the GOP #HealthcareBill Means

Let me get EXTREMELY CLEAR about what this Republican Healthcare “Bill” means.

1. Disabled elderly will be wheeled out of their NH beds to the curb. Left there to thirst to death. If you think that is hyperbole, you do not understand what is NOW being done to disabled mentally ill people. In my work, I have seen it almost daily. It is abhorrent and disgusting. They are just extending this to disabled elderly and children. [Remember this case – we talked about it? It is NOT THE ONLY ONE, and not even the only one in each county. Where is the disgust and abhorrence? What has happened to RW Americans? What can we label this disorder of the mind/soul? Taking suggestions.…/in-sheriff-david-clarkes…/… ]

2. Speaking of kids: Forget about that coverage you had for your child. You’re on your own, folks. Discover cancer too late to treat? Well, natural selection and all, right?

3. This entire bill cuts $800BILLION from healthcare and gives an $800BILLION tax cut to ultra wealthy. You don’t have to be a math wizard to figure out who’s their daddy. It’s not YOU.

4. Cutting healthcare/birth control to millions of women will cost much more in the long run. This bill is not even financially sound in any way. Not to mention inhumane to ESPECIALLY WOMEN and CHILDREN.

5. They are trying to get this bill through before Trump and others are removed from office. Which WILL happen. They know it, too.

6. Bankruptcies have fallen significantly under Obamacare. MOST prior to this were for healthcare bills. No more. Now, back to bankrupting families to care for their bad gallbladder. It is SICK. It is ABHORRENT. It is UNAMERICAN. It is EVIL.

7. The top 0.01% income has DRAMATICALLY ACCELERATED in last years. Now, a mere 8 MEN make more money than half the world. Just 2 years ago, this number was 65. The trend is ALARMING. This bill will put regular people out of contention for running this country, forever. And no, you were never going to be one of these rich people. Wake up and realize what side you are on. I’ve seen SUPER wealthy people bankrupted in 1 to 2 years by financial calamity. You can not take it with you. Don’t try.

Much more, but this gives you a slight picture of the dark situation Republicans are creating.. FOLLOW THE MONEY.


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